FPS Comparison: Locked 60 FPS vs Unlimited with Random Stutters

Locked 60 FPS

FPS: Locked at 60

Experience: Smooth and consistent

Unlimited FPS with Stutters

FPS: Unlimited with stutters

Experience: Variable FPS with unpredictable stutters

This demonstration illustrates the difference between a consistent frame rate and an inconsistent one with random stutters. Both scenarios move the line at exactly 60 pixels per second, regardless of the frame rate. Scenario 1 shows a locked 60 FPS, which provides a smooth and consistent experience. Scenario 2 runs at an unlimited frame rate but experiences stutters.

The graphs below each animation show the frame times for the last 10 seconds. A consistent line indicates smooth performance, while spikes indicate stutters or inconsistencies.

Remember: Consistency is often more important than raw numbers when it comes to perceived smoothness in graphics rendering.